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The power of the young people is inside of the spirit of their mind. The power of trying a lot of times. The power of not giving up, when you fail 100 times. The power of the youth is in the strong health and a good immune system. The old people know more, but the young people are willing to try more. The people who try more, can achieve more.

In this wonderful video we can see the power of the young people, who like to be active and to practice sport and dance. We can see the spirit of the modern youth and the eternal power of good health. The psychology of the young people is not often clean and very positive. The young people have a lot of hopes and a lot of aspirations in life. The power of the youth is in the this eternal hope to improve their life and the world around them. The old people give up their self-improvement after some time in their life. The young people are is in the hope to get something new and interesting for them.

In the energetic field of the sports, the young people do dominate the environment. The young and healthy body can heal faster and it can perform for a longer time than an old and worn out body. The modern information can make the young people stronger and better than the previous generations. The young people of today can learn from the mistakes of the young people from the past. is very happy about this option in life.

Very often in life, there is a conflict of the old people and the young people. The old people like to stop the young people from making mistakes and the have their own lessons in life. The young people want to try what the old people did try in the past. It is an interesting social game. The power of the young people is in the positive spirit. The young people can try something for a very long time, before they give up. The energy, the motivation and the personal determination is the greatest power that the young people can have.

Being able to learn and to understand new concepts is often much easier for the young people. The young brain is more flexible. The young brain can change and it can learn faster, because the tissue of the brain is much cleaner and the cells do regenerate faster, than in the old people. The best time in life is between 20 and 40, when the body is strong and the mind is slowly starting to be strong and wise. The young persona can have a lot of growth in their personal life.

The young people need to build their life and this personal character. The gift of the young age is very valuable for the personal development of the young people. The environment can change the personality of the people. The young people do react to the changes in the environment faster than the old people. The new generation can create the future. This is why it is important to provide a good environment for the young people, so that the future is also bright and positive.

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