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Sri, commonly known as Lakshmi and also called Sri Lakshmi, is one of the most popular and widely worshiped Goddesses in Hindu tradition since pre-Buddhist period.
The earliest legend states that Sri is born as a result of austerities of Prajapati, and she represents ten qualities and objects, namely, food, royal power, universal sovereignty, knowledge, power, holy luster, kingdom, fortune, bounteousness, and beauty.
The earliest Vedic literature does not have any goddess named Sri Lakshmi or Lakshmi, but Sri appears in several Vedic hymns, and Sri is indicative of several positive attributes including beauty, glory, power, capability, and higher rank. In later Vedic literature, Sri signified the ruling power and the majesty of kings. Sri-Sukta, a hymn appended to the Rig Veda, is a famous Vedic chant, extolling Sri, and presents a detailed account of her, both conceptually and visually. The hymn also associates her with lotus and elephant an association, which has not changed in subsequent history.
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#Mantras are sounds made up of sacred sanskrit syllables, which together help to harness spiritual energy. #Chanting mantras, or even merely reciting them, gives us access to our creative spirit, and brings harmony in our mind and body. Sounds can actually help us to activate our inner pharmacy and bring balance to our physiology, creating wellness and vitality.
Mantras are used for various purposes, and there are many different mantras depending on exactly what you want to learn or manifest.
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