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Garlic is a powerful plant. The powerful garlic can help the people to have a good health. The garlic is very powerful. It can also destroy the health of people, if they eat too much garlic. The healthy amount of garlic is very important for good health. The natural antibiotic substances of the garlic can remove the infections on the skin, in the digestive system and in muscles. The garlic can be uses in many different ways. This video is about the most interesting uses of garlic as a natural antibiotic.

In nature, the garlic plant is trying to protect itself from insects, bacteria, fungus, microbes, animals and environmental stress. The garlic plant has invented a different substances for defense against bacteria and fungal infections. The garlic plant is a very strong natural antibiotic. The concentration of the antibiotic substances of garlic is very strong. It is important to use the power of garlic very carefully. The good concentration is important for good results. Too much garlic can damage the liver and the positive bacteria in the digestive system. It is important to keep a healthy balance.

Different recipes of garlic can have different effects. The garlic can be cooked, it can be combined with vegetable olive oil, it can be mixed with water, it can be mixed with honey, or it can be eaten in a raw form. The garlic can be mixed in water for creating a liquid with a low concentration, which can be used for the application on the infected sports of the skin. It is a safe and practical use of garlic as a medicine. is happy about that !

The garlic in warm water can be used for the treatment of infection of fungus, microbes, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The garlic plant is a very powerful plant. It is like a powerful magic. Too much of garlic can damage the body, but the correct amount of garlic can also heal the body. Being healthy is very valuable. Good health can create more positive moments in life. It is easy to feel happy, when people are healthy and the weather is sunny.

Being careful and balanced is a good personal skill. The garlic is very powerful. We must be careful with this power. The antibiotic properties of garlic can create problems for the people. Too much garlic can create a bloated belly, head pain, vomit, bleeding, burned skin and damage in the liver. It is important to be careful. External application of garlic is less dangerous. Eating garlic too much garlic can damage the positive bacteria in the gut. It is important to be careful and to eat a healthy amount of garlic, without creating damage.

The garlic can create health and it can damage the health. It is a very interesting plant. The personal experience with this plant is important. The healing powers of the garlic can be stronger and more effective than the modern medicine from the pharmacy. Many people do not like the garlic, because it has a strong smell. It is better to have the smell, than to suffer infections. The modern antibiotics are sometimes too weak against very strong bacteria. The garlic can help to protect the skin from very bad bacteria that can eat the meat of the human body. The medicinal garlic is a very powerful medicine that we can use for the better health and a happy life.

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