This video has Farting Mommy with a peanut allergy attack and Doc McStuffins coming over for a checkup and a shot in the tummy, with a giant milk bottle for Mommy to drink while she gets the tummy injection and allergy shots. Farting Mommy and Doc McStuffins from KiddieToysReview™ are back with a massive Peanut Allergy all over Farting Mommy’s body when pregnant Mommy is hungry and ate a big bag of peanuts. Farting mommy was so hungry again that she raided the cupboard looking for snacks. Big tummy Mommy found a big bag of peanuts and started eating them. But she didn’t know she’s allergic to nuts, so she had a massive allergy breakout when her arms, neck, tummy and face became itchy and then broke out in many colored dots. The peanuts also caused a fart reaction, and farting Mommy let out so ripe ‘ol rippers! Farting Mommy used the blue megaphone to call Doc McStuffins.

Doc McStuffins checkup for Farting Mommy at home after pregnant Mommy ate a bag of allergy inducing nuts and broke out in a multi-colored rash and long, loud, smelly fart. Farting Mommy ate a whole bag of peanuts and started farting on the couch when her tummy got really huge and covered with many allergy dots and a colorful rash! Farting Mommy had a tummy ache as she ate way too many crunchy peanuts. Farting Mommy called Doc McStuffins with a blue megaphone out the window when her farts became too smelly and her rash was very itchy. It’s really disgusting!!

Pregnant Mommy ate the peanuts on the couch and was really messy and the nuts fell on the floor and everything looked really messy! Gross!! Doc McStuffins arrives after being called on the megaphone and gives Farting Mommy a check-up and listens to he heartbeat and then a needle to the tummy to stop the farts and cure the allergic reaction colourful dots and rash. Farting pregnant Mommy had a huge tummy ache and was farting and itching non-stop. Mommy’s tummy hurt because Mommy was so very full of peanuts. Mommy had been farting ever since she ate the whole bag of nuts. Farting Mommy ended up needing an injection to her tummy for her tummy ache and uncontrollable smelly farts and cure the allergy rash. In this kids video Doc McStuffins gave Mommy a needle and check-up.

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